SkyBus services

  • Does SkyBus operate a service to Avalon Airport?
  • No. The express SkyBus service only operates between Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) and Southern Cross Station in Melbourne’s city centre.
  • Does SkyBus operate other routes such as between Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) and Frankston, Dandenong or the eastern suburbs?
  • SkyBus is now the proud owner of the Frankston and Peninsula Airport Service. Providing a transfer service between Melbourne Airport and Frankston and the surrounding peninsula area, including St Kilda. SkyBus does not provide services to Dandenong or the eastern suburb. However SkyBus connects with all suburban and country rail services, trams and other bus services at the Southern Cross Station bus interchange via our City Express service. Connecting public transport


  • Where do I get on the SkyBus?
  • You can board SkyBus at either end of our express route, operating 24/7 with day departures every 10 minutes:
    • At Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine). You'll find us kerbside at ‘Arrivals’ for international and domestic flights. View map.
    • In the heart of Melbourne at Southern Cross Station. The SkyBus terminal is on the corner of Bourke and Spencer Streets. View map.


  • Do I need to book to travel on SkyBus?
  • No, reservations or bookings are not required to travel on SkyBus City Express service. Buses run 24/7 with day departures every 10 minutes.
  • You can buy tickets online in advance and either print them out or present the ticket on your smartphone. You can also buy tickets on the day of travel from SkyBus ticket booths at our city terminal at Southern Cross Station, and at Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) terminals T1, T3 and T4.
  • However, you will need to book in advance if you wish for the SkyBus Hotel Transfer Service to collect you from select hotels in central Melbourne upon your departure. Ask your concierge to call SkyBus on +61 3 9600 1711 and quote your room number. It is advisable to book your pickup as early as possible. We can take bookings up to one hour before departure (subject to availability). Bookings must be made during Hotel Transfer Service operating hours (Mon–Fri 6am–10.30pm, Sat–Sun 6.00am–7.00pm, this service does not operate on Christmas Day, 25 Dec). 
  • Bookings are also required for our Frankston and Peninsula Airport service. Bookings are required to made at least two hours in advance. This service does not operate on Christmas Day, 25 December.
  • How much does it cost to travel on SkyBus?
  • A SkyBus ticket is the best value Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) to Melbourne city transfer, with a one way ticket approximately a third of the cost of a taxi. View our fares.
  • Where do I buy SkyBus tickets?
  • You can buy tickets online and either print them out or present the ticket on your smartphone. You can also buy tickets from SkyBus ticket booths at our city terminal at Southern Cross Station, and at Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) terminals T1, T3 and T4.
  • Can I pay for my SkyBus tickets with EFTPOS or credit card?
  • Yes you can buy your tickets online using your credit card 24/7. You can also use your credit card or EFTPOS to buy tickets from SkyBus booths at Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) and Southern Cross Station. The booths at Melbourne Airport are open 24/7. Southern Cross Station ticket booth is open between 4:00am and 11:00pm, outside of these hours you can use your credit card at one of our self-serve kiosks. We accept American Express, Diners, Visa and MasterCard. 
  • Can I use my one-way SkyBus ticket in either direction?
  • Yes, one-way tickets can be used in either direction to Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) or to Southern Cross Station in the centre of Melbourne city.
  • If I buy a round trip SkyBus ticket, can I use it for two adults one way?
  • No, a round trip ticket is to be used on two separate journeys: to or from Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine), and to or from Southern Cross Station in the centre of Melbourne city.
  • How long is my SkyBus ticket valid for?
  • SkyBus tickets purchased online or at a SkyBus booth are valid for six months from the date of purchase. Our Saver 10 trip tickets are valid for 18 months from date of purchase. All pre-printed tickets have an expiry date printed on the ticket. All Frankston and Peninsula Airport service tickets are valid only for the specified date(s) of travel.


  • What times does SkyBus depart?
  • SkyBus runs 24/7 with day departures every 10 minutes. View the SkyBus timetable
  • How much time should I allow before departure to catch a SkyBus?
  • Allow at least five minutes before the scheduled departure time to buy your ticket(s) and board the SkyBus.
  • How do I know which SkyBus to catch to get to Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) on time?
  • In general, an express SkyBus trip takes 30 minutes from Southern Cross Station to Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine). During peak times (approximately 6–10am and 3–7pm), please allow for an average trip time of 45 minutes.
  • If you are using our free city SkyBus Hotel Transfer Service, allow an hour and a half between hotel pickup time and arrival at the airport.
  • Ensure that you allow enough time to meet your airline’s check in requirements.


  • How do I get to and from my hotel from the drop-off point at Southern Cross Station?
  • The SkyBus Hotel Transfer Service is our free mini-bus service that transports you between select hotels in central Melbourne and the SkyBus terminal at Southern Cross Station (conditions apply).
  • Can I get picked up on the way to Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) or from a private residence?
  • SkyBus does not pick up passengers at any other stops other than our terminals at Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) and Southern Cross Station.
  • Is SkyBus easy to access by wheelchair?
  • Both the SkyBus and our Hotel Transfer Service mini-buses are mobility-enhanced, providing excellent access for wheelchair passengers.
  • Please call SkyBus on +61 3 9600 1711 the day before you travel to confirm if you need wheelchair access if using the SkyBus Hotel Transfer Service.
  • Can my companion travel with me?
  • SkyBus will issue companion cardholders with a second ticket for their companion to travel at no charge.
  • Do you accept Vision Impaired Travel Passes?
  • Free travel is available for Vision Impaired Travel Pass holders. Free travel is available to accompanying attendants if the vision impaired person holds a Companion Card.

Luggage and lost property

  • Can I consume food and drink on the bus?
  • Consumption of food or drinks (except water in screw top containers) is not permitted onboard our vehicles. The transportation of hot food and hot drink, irrespective of the container/vessel used is also prohibited onboard. This is in the interest of passenger safety and comfort.
  • Can I bring cats or dogs on SkyBus?
  • Pets are not permitted on board SkyBus. Guide dogs, hearing guide dogs or guide dogs in training and animals covered by the Assistance Animal Pass will be permitted to travel on SkyBus. Please have your Animal Assistance Pass available to produce on request. 
  • How much luggage can I take on SkyBus?
  • All SkyBus vehicles are equipped with onboard luggage storage. 
  • SkyBus' baggage allowance is the same as the standard checked and carry-on baggage allowance of the airline for which you hold a ticket.
  • Additional items (such as bikes, surf boards, very large items or excess baggage) may be permitted, subject to availability of space on a relevant trip. Passengers may be asked to travel on a subsequent bus if, in the driver's opinion there is insufficient space or the additional items may be a safety hazard. Bikes may be carried on board if, in the opinion of the driver, there is sufficient space and it is safe to do so, however, passengers may be required to dismantle and secure their bike in a container. 
  • Who do I contact for lost property?
  • If you’ve forgotten something on board, please visit www.skybus.com.au/lostproperty and complete the Lost Property Form. We will be in contact with you within 24 hours Monday – Friday
  • For lost property at Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) contact the information desk between 9am–5pm weekdays on +61 3 9297 1805.
  • For lost property at Southern Cross Station phone +61 3 9619 1624.