SkyBus Airport Employee fares

SkyBus offers exclusive discounted fare options to eligible employees working at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport.

These discounted multi-trip fares are intended for Melbourne Airport employees and Qantas Group staff using SkyBus for their commute to and from work at the airport.

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Getting started

SkyBus has developed a new online portal for Airport Employees and Qantas Group staff to make it easier than ever to purchase, manage and use your discounted multi-trip tickets.

How it works

If you are an eligible Melbourne Airport employee or Qantas Group staff member you can register for SkyBus Airport Employee fares. Once approved you will have access to the SkyBus Airport Employee portal to purchase discounted multi-trip fares on select SkyBus services. Tickets can be purchased online and are available for immediate use.

There are two products available and can be purchased for either Melbourne City Express or Peninsula Express services. Both are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

  • Staff 20 Trip ticket – 20 One way trips in either direction.
  • Staff 40 Trip ticket – 40 One way trips in either direction.

The new multi-trip airport staff tickets can be viewed and presented on your smartphone. New Live tickets display the number of remaining trips as well as the expiry. Once you’ve redeemed all trips on your ticket simply purchase a new ticket through the portal. Three multi-trip tickets (up to 120 trips) can be purchased each calendar month.

To maintain access to the exclusive discount fares you must resubmit proof of eligibility every six months. You will be sent a reminder and reapplying is done through the portal.

How to register

Eligible employees can register on the SkyBus website for SkyBus Airport Employee fares. See below for details on how to register.

  • Select Register at the top of the page to begin.
  • You will first be asked to create a SkyBus account. If you have previously setup an account in the SkyBus App you can sign in with that.
  • After you’ve created your account you will be presented with a short registration screen. Here you will need to confirm your current employment and program eligibility by submitting proof of entitlement.

Example ASIC passes

Proof of entitlement

Proof of being employed at Melbourne Airport or Qantas Group must be submitted for your account to be authorised. You will be required to resubmit your entitlement every 6 months. To be eligible to purchase SkyBus Airport Employee discounted fares you must confirm your eligibility by submitting one of the following:

  • Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC pass) – see examples.
  • Confirmation of employment letter from your employer.
  • Qantas Staff ID.

We have prepared an Employment Letter template for reference – Download here.


Terms of use

Particpation in the program including use of the SkyBus Airport Employee Portal, SkyBus Account and discounted fares are subject to the SkyBus Airport Employee fares terms of use. SkyBus tickets and website are also subject to: the SkyBus Standard Ticketing conditions and Terms of use.