SkyBus Announcement & Response to Airport Staff

20 July 2018

This week, SkyBus has been engaged in dialogue with a number of airport staff members in response to recent changes to our airport staff ticketing product.

We value straight-talking, healthy debate and differences of opinion. We appreciate the efforts of those people who have provided professional, respectful and productive feedback. We have taken particular note of the insights from workers who shared their individual experiences of our service and how it helps them cope with issues such as split shifts.

As a result of the feedback we have received, SkyBus has determined to revise the new ticketing arrangements further with the introduction of a 40-trip ticket.

SkyBus understand that our unlimited travel ticket was popular, however it is simply not equitable to other travellers to continue to subsidise one ticket class so heavily. SkyBus is after all, a private company that does not receive any financial subsidy from government for running the service.

The new ticketing structure for airport staff will be as follows from the 1st August 2018:

  • New 20-trip $90 ticket ($4.50 a trip)
  • New 40-trip $155 ticket ($3.87 a trip)

This new ticket model is also now in-line with all other SkyBus ticketing and allows us to plan for demand most effectively.

The 40-trip ticket represents an 80% price discount for airport workers compared to retail trip ticket prices and is still very heavily subsidised by SkyBus.

SkyBus has an obligation to revise our fare structure annually and any further review of prices will occur as scheduled at the end of the year.

We thank you for your continued patronage of our service and will continue to work with our customers to deliver a service that meets their needs.

We recognise the particular needs of airport workers. We interact with them every day and respect them as part of our valued customer network. We understand that SkyBus is a primary travel method for many and we have listened.

Thank you.

Note: staff fares available for usage on City Express, Southbank Docklands Express, St Kilda Express and Western Express services only. Standard SkyBus staff ticketing conditions to apply.