SkyBus steps in to re-establish Geelong–Avalon Airport bus link

10 July 2017
SkyBus steps in to re-establish Geelong–Avalon Airport bus link

Melbourne, AustraliaSkyBus, operators of Melbourne’s popular express service from the CBD to Avalon and Tullamarine Airports, announced that it will commence a new, interim service between Geelong and Avalon Airport starting Monday 10th July 2017, operating for a 6-month period whilst arrangements for a permanent service are finalised.

SkyBus agreed to provide an interim connection between Geelong city and Avalon Airport following the sudden cancellation of Geelong’s only Avalon Airport bus service by the previous provider.

The replacement service will see SkyBus operate regular connections between Geelong and South Geelong train stations and Avalon Airport, while the local Geelong operator, Geelong Taxi Network, will work in partnership with SkyBus to provide onward connections to the Bellarine Peninsula, Surf Coast and Greater Geelong.

SkyBus co-CEO and Director, Michael Sewards, said: “SkyBus would continue to work closely with Avalon Airport and government agencies to find a more permanent solution.”

“While the existing operator has decided to cease operations, we believe the people of Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula deserve a reliable, world-class airport connection service to this important Airport.”

“We recognise the assistance of Avalon Airport and Geelong Taxi Network in acting swiftly and collaboratively to rectify this situation to enable delivery of SkyBus’ service as early as Monday for passengers travelling to and from Avalon Airport.”

“We’re delighted that our iconic red buses, which have become so much a part of Melbourne, will now be connecting Geelong travellers to every plane arrival and departure at Avalon Airport. Customers can travel in comfort and safely on our modern fleet of Australian-made buses featuring free Wi-Fi, adopting our online ticketing enhancements.”

The new service aims to be more affordable, with adult one-way tickets priced at $18. Families can take advantage of SkyBus’ discounted fares – with children 16 and under travel free when they are booked with an adult fare.

While the current arrangements are interim, Mr Sewards said he was confident Geelong travellers would quickly grow to love SkyBus’ world-class service. 

“SkyBus is committed to filling the gap left by the previous provider, and giving travellers convenient and affordable transport between Geelong and Avalon Airport.”

“We hope travellers will take advantage of our services while we work with Avalon Airport and government agencies on a more permanent solution that will as always put the interest of the customers first,” said Mr Sewards.

Starting Monday until further notice, SkyBus will operate services to meet every major flight arriving and departing Avalon Airport.

To Avalon Airport

South Geelong Geelong Avalon AirportAVV Flight code/s Flight departs
04:25 04:35 05:00 JQ602 06:00
07:30 07:40 08:05 JQ632 / JQ627 09:05
08:25 08:35 09:00 JQ6301 10:00
11:05 11:15 11:40 JQ604 12:40
13:45 13:55 14:20 JQ606 15:45
16:00 16:10 16:35 JQ608 17:35
18:55 19:05 19:30 JQ610 20:30

To Geelong

Avalon AirportAVV Geelong South Geelong Flight code/s Flight arrives
09:05 09:30 09:40 JQ603 08:35
10:00 10:25 10:35 JQ6052 09:30
12:40 13:05 13:15 JQ633 / JQ626 12:10
15:20 15:45 15:55 JQ6313 14:50
17:30 17:55 18:05 JQ607 17:00
20:30 20:55 21:05 JQ609 20:00
00:05 00:30 00:40 JQ611 23:35

1 JQ630 scheduled departure 10:20 on Wednesday 05/07/2017, 12/07/2017 and 19/07/2017. Regular scheduled departure 10:00 on Wednesday 26/07/2017.
2 JQ605 scheduled arrival 9:50 on Wednesday 05/07/2017, 12/07/2017 and 19/07/2017. Regular scheduled arrival 9:30 on Wednesday 26/07/2017.
3 JQ631 scheduled arrival 15:05 on Wednesday 05/07/2017, 12/07/2017 and 19/07/2017. Regular scheduled arrival 14:50 on Wednesday 26/07/2017.

Geelong – Avalon Airport customers will be able to enjoy the same benefits as all SkyBus passengers, including free Wi-Fi and special pricing for kids and pensioners.

For more information, please visit or call 1300 SKYBUS (1300 759 287).

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