SkyBus Service Update

7 June 2019
SkyBus Service Update

Farewell to SkyBus Theme Park Express

SkyBus Theme Park Express will cease operations effective Monday 1 July 2019.

Co-CEO and Director Michael Sewards said “We are globally renown for providing a world class airport mass transit service and the Theme Park service is not aligned to our core business. The Theme Parks will continue to be serviced by many other transport options and customers will not face a lack of choice when travelling to and from the Theme Parks.
We want to thank all our customers for their support on SkyBus Theme Park Express.”

SkyBus will continue to grow SkyBus Gold Coast Airport Shuttle and Byron Bay Express with service enhancements at the forefront of the strategy plan.

New stops for Byron Bay Express

Effective Sunday 10 June 2019, Mercato on Byron and Shirley Street will become the resident home for the new stops enabling locals and travelling tourists to have direct, express service between Coolangatta and the heart of Byron Bay.

SkyBus Byron Bay Express will now begin it’s Airport bound journey picking up from outside Mercato on Byron, located at 108-114 Jonson Street. It will then continue on to pick up from the bus stop at 36 Shirley Street before proceeding express to Gold Coast Airport.

The Byron Bay bound journey will first drop off passengers at 17 Shirley Street and end it’s journey dropping off outside Mercato on Byron.

Please note SkyBus will no longer service the previous stops used at 80 & 101 Jonson Street.

Commenting on the new stop changes Michael Sewards says “We are extremely proud to be able to announce the new stops as it marks an exciting milestone for the company. Introducing the Shirley Street stop enables us to appeal to a wider market. We want to grow and develop Byron Bay to create a seamless customer airport experience between Byron Bay and Gold Coast Airport. Mercato on Byron and Shirley Street stop locations are a huge step in the right direction to reaching this goal.”

Further information on Gold Coast services

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