SkyBus team participate in Foodbank Pick & Pack

Defined by K Radimer Food insecurity exists "whenever the availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods or the ability to acquire acceptable food in socially acceptable ways is limited or uncertain".

FoodBank is the largest provider of food relief in Victoria working with famers, wholesales, manufactures and volunteers to reduce the prevalence of food insecurity.  

On Friday, SkyBus team members had the privilege to participate in the FoodBank Pick and Pack initiative. This involved physically packing grocery items into boxes to be distributed to one of the 450 registered charity partners across Victoria. The aim of the Pick and Pack program is to provide essential support as the need for food relief in Victoria grows.

As a team, SkyBus packed 6,724 kilograms of food orders to be distributed across the state. This value is equivalent to 12,116 meals for thousands of vulnerable Victorians who would go hungry without this food.

Commenting on her experience Lauren Hammond, SkyBus team member said “It was a rewarding experience to be involved with such an inspiring organisation.

The food that is pick and packed as part of the program is vital to reduce food poverty and it was a privilege to contribute a small amount to make this possible.

Foodbank relies heavily on the time of the volunteers to provide food to 710,000 people per month across Australia. To work alongside the regular volunteers and hear their stories of involvement with FoodBank is inspiring for us all to participate.”

Without volunteer help, FoodBank wouldn’t be able to distribute to those in need. SkyBus is a proud supporter of FoodBank and if you would also like to support this amazing act of generosity call FoodBank or visit their website today.