Tap & go ticketing – another easy way to pay!

Travelling on SkyBus just got even easier with the introduction of contactless ticket payments!

Now available on our Hobart City Express service, we’re looking forward to rolling out this feature across other SkyBus services in Melbourne later this year.

How cEMV works

How it works

See how SkyBus contactless ticketing works, it's availability and which fares can you purchase.


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You can lookup your taps and get a receipt for your SkyBus contactless ticket purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use SkyBus Contactless EMV?
  • Passengers with contactless Visa or Mastercard cards or with Google Pay and Apple Pay mobile wallets, wanting to purchase an adult one-way ticket for SkyBus Hobart.

    If you are unsure if your card is eligible, look for the contactless symbol on your card.

    Contactless card with symbol

  • Can I use Contactless EMV to purchase other SkyBus fares?
  • Contactless EMV can only be used to purchase an adult one-way ticket. It is not currently suitable for:
  • Multi-ride tickets such as Return and 10 trips
  • Family tickets
  • Senior fares
  • Child fares

    These ticket types can still be purchased on the bus as paper tickets, and you can still pay using contactless payment devices.

    All ticket types continue to be available for pre-purchase from our self-serve ekiosks, the SkyBus website and SkyBus app.

  • How do the payments work?
  • Tap & go ticketing is a quick, easy and secure way to pay for your SkyBus travel. After you have tapped your card or smartphone upon entry to the bus, an initial pre-authorisation ($1) may be charged to your account. At the end of the day, the total of all trips purchased using contactless will be charged to your account. This total for the day replaces any initial pre-authorisation transaction which was made.

  • Do I get an actual ticket once I tap my card or phone?
  • No, the tap itself acts as the ticket to validate your journey. A receipt can be generated for your contactless travel here.

  • Can I pay for two or more people?
  • No, a single card/device can only be used for one person per journey when travelling using contactless ticketing. This rule also prevents a card being double charged.

  • Why is there a charge on my account on a date when I did not travel?
  • When contactless is used to pay on board, the payment will typically show on your statement one day after travel. However, should the payment fail to go through, the system will automatically try again on subsequent days which may show against a later date.

    If a payment from a previous trip is outstanding, your card will be declined for travel and this will also trigger an attempt to recover the outstanding amount.

    If you have any queries relating to charges on your statement, please contact our customer service team 1300 759 287 or email info@skybus.com.au.