Three of the Best: Hot Chocolates in Melbourne

Three of the Best: Hot Chocolates in Melbourne

It’s August. It’s winter. It’s cold. Sure, we can taste spring, but we’re not quite there. To make the countdown easier, give one of these delicious hot chocolates a try. Or, if you know what’s good for you, give them all a try.

Mörk Chocolate Brew House

Mork Chocolate

Mörk is Swedish for dark, and true to the roots of this handcrafted chocolate specialist’s devotion to dark, pure chocolate.

There are so many delicious offerings here it’ll be hard to choose just one, but if you have to show some self-restraint, may we suggest the Campfire Chocolate from the signature menu, featuring beechwood smoke, smoked salt and toasted marshmallow. Life-changing.

150 Errol Street, North Melbourne

Bowery to Williamsburg

Bowery to Williamsburg hot chocolate
Image credit: Little Wanderings

Peanut butter has seen quite the resurgence of late and when it comes to appearing in this hot chocolate, it’s most very welcome. The subtle addition of peanut butter and caramel really brings another element to the hot chocolate, which results in a delightful taste explosion. Plus, it comes with a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup. Perfection.

16 Oliver Lane, Melbourne


Sonido hot chocolate

Now here’a a hot chocolate with a (Columbian) twist – queso; a soft, creamy white cheese that you pour your steaming hot chocolate over. Delivered with its own whisk, so you can froth to your heart’s desire, this is one serious winter drink.

69 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy