The Best Time to Visit Melbourne

The Best Time to Visit Melbourne

Melbourne is a wonderful to city to visit at any time of the year – and no, I’m not just saying that!

If you have the luxury of choice, my advice would be to choose the season that you most enjoy. Do you love a long, hot summer? Prefer cooler days? Like a temperate and generally mild climate?

There’s always something to see and do in Melbourne, so unless you’re visiting at a specific time for a specific event, let your weather preference guide your trip.

Melbourne’s summers are generally very hot - temperatures can exceed 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) daily and nights are usually balmy – sometimes humid, sometimes dry, but always warm.

Melbourne’s winters are usually cool – we don’t experience snow in the city (of course, you can enjoy it in the alpine ranges) but winter is a mixture of chilly days and rainy days. Don’t let that deter you – the occasional grey day is present, but Melbourne winters feature many blue skies, too. And the city is perfect to explore in Winter.

The in-between months in Melbourne are the most temperate – Autumn (Fall) consists of warm, sunny days that mostly turn into crisp nights and mornings, particularly as the months roll on. And there’s nothing like seeing the scattering of leaves across our tree-lined streets. Spring sees locals kiss goodbye to winter and start to embrace lovely, mild days – and it’s a magical time where gardens across the city bloom with colour.

There’s no best time to visit Melbourne – anytime is a good time, and that’s the truth.