Melbourne International Film Festival 2017

Melbourne International Film Festival 2017
Image courtesy: Tony Zara & Dean Walliss

The Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) has landed back in Melbourne this August for the 66th year focusing on taking audiences on a journey to explore new worlds.

It’s no secret MIFF brings together some of the most diverse films and events Melbourne has the pleasure of hosting. Got some spare time this weekend?

Melbourne International Film Festival

Thursday 3 August – Sunday 20 August 2017
Theatres around Melbourne
More info and full program: Click here

MIFF is Australia’s leading film festival held annually over three weeks in the heart of Melbourne City. MIFF is a non-for-profit organisation that has, since its inception in 1952, become the largest festival of film in Australia and the southern hemisphere. It is also one of the oldest film festivals in the world, alongside well-known film festivals such as Cannes and Berlin.

This year MIFF showcases a variety of films from across all reaches of the world, spanning over 68 languages, a variety of durations from 2 minutes to 346 minutes as well as an array of film mediums and genres.

MIFF is known for exhibiting a range of cinema from around the world but since the festival’s commencement, it is also committed to local Australian film as the largest showcase and advocate of Australian cinema.

With the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival wrapping up this weekend, we’ve put together a hit list of some of the best events and screenings for you to catch.

MIFF Talks – Tech in the Cinema

Live talk
12.00pm, Friday 18 August, Comedy Theatre
Featuring guest speakers from Inspire9, General Assembly, Futurist and more, catch up on keynote presentations and discussions in the tech and digital space. A great opportunity to see progressive leaders in tech in the one place!

Patti Cake$

Drama, Comedy, Music 
6.30pm, Friday 18 August, Comedy Theatre
The story of nobody barmaid Patricia Dombrowski and her alter ego rapper Patti Cake$ as she tries to break into the hip-hop scene, seeking fame and fortune. Featured in the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Tokyo Idols

Documentary, Music
9.15pm, Friday 18 August, Kino Cinema 1
This in-depth documentary sheds light on the strange world of Japanese idol culture, as we follow several young girls on their journey to become pop stars.

I Am Not Your Negro

Documentary, Historical
4.00pm, Saturday 19 August, Comedy Theatre
The story of James Baldwin, a queer icon and civil rights activist as told by Haitian auteur Raoul Peck, with assistance from Samuel L Jackson. Awarded the Best Documentary award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association.

Strange Days

Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
9.00pm, Saturday 19 August, ACMI 2
An extremely timely and relevant film set at the turn of the 20th century where VR recordings are as addictive and sought after as illegal drugs. Awarded Saturn Award for Best Director.

The Void

9;15pm, Saturday 19 August, Hoyts Melbourne Central Cinema 11
A nod to the cult classic 80s/90s horror films, The Void has monsters and madmen, guns and gore. Things are going to get bloody.


Drama, Mystery, Crime
1.30pm, Sunday 20 August, ACMI 1
Fashion meets murder in this star-studded cast featuring Jude Law, Dame Judi Dench and Steve Buscemi. A satirical and dark murder mystery.

The Family I Had

Documentary, Crime
4.00pm, Sunday 20 August, Hoyts Melbourne Central Cinema 3
A intense and tragic film telling the story of Charity Lee and her son Paris, after he murdered his four year old half-sister Ella. 

Girls’ Trip

6.45pm, Saturday 20 August, Hows Melbourne Central Cinema 11
A warm-hearted and hilarious comedy telling the story of four lifelong friends as they embark on the perfect girls trip away to New Orleans. More than a comedy.

Don’t miss the last weekend of this incredible festival of human creation through film.

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