Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Image courtesy: Visions of Victoria. Photographer: Emily Godfrey

See something different on date night this month. Head to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival all around Melbourne for guaranteed laughs and a good time.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017

Runs until Sunday 23 April 2017
In venues all around Melbourne 
Tickets and more info: Click here

Bigger and better than ever, as it is every year, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is back bringing together a fantastic collection of international and Australian acts for locals and non-locals to enjoy.

The sheer number of acts, the volume of venues and the dozens of dates and times can be overwhelming for your average festival punter. With so many good options available it can become a little tricky to narrow down your choices. So to ensure you’re in stitches all night long, a threefold approach to choosing may be implemented. 

To start off, choose an international headliner. It is an international festival after all, so why not get exposure to some of the funniest acts from around the globe? Think Australia’s favourite American comedian Arj Barker with his hilarious show Organic, or the portable keyboard-playing Irishman David O’Doherty, nominated for a Barry Award at last year’s festival for Best Show.

Next, choose homegrown talent. Australia has some seriously funny people, so definitely support an Aussie act and the Australian comedic industry as a whole where possible. Disappointments, a show about mediocrity and growing old from dynamic duo Denise Scott and Judith Lucy, is anything but, and radio star and new dad Dave Thornton will have you giggling in Onwards and Upwards, a show literally only about his life.

Third and finally, choose someone you’ve never heard of or don't know anything about. Go into the show no expectation and an open mind and you may be surprised at how hard your laughing ten minutes in. Or, if choosing is still just too darn hard, why not enjoy a collection of comedians in Best of British or a bunch of hilarious ladies in Upfront. 

MICF is running at the moment, right up until April 23, with plenty of shows and tickets still available. There's also a bunch of restaurant and bar deals on offer to make your night an even more memorable one – Find out more here.

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