Foodbank – The Hunger Ride

Foodbank – The Hunger Ride

On 3 March 2018, teams will ride out of Beechworth on a 164km round trip to raise funds to support children and families who go hungry.

The Hunger Ride

Saturday, 3 March 2018
Beechworth, Victoria.

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On average, one in five children go to school or go to bed hungry. Foodbank Victoria helps supply food to nearly 140,000 Australians a month, of which almost 47,000 of are children. The gap between supply and demand is too great even for Foodbank, and the 2018 Foodbank Hunger Ride is YOUR chance to help.

You can donate to support the ride and the teams in it to assist in ensuring that no person goes hungry this year.

The Hunger Ride is no easy ride along flat roads though. The ride is designed to push the limits of its participants both physically and mentally.

The trip begins in the historical town of Beechworth, and riders will instantly begin climbing as they make their way up Buckland Gap. The route then sees riders cruise through a section of the Great Alpine Road, rated as one of the most challenging pieces of road in the state, before selecting the lowest gear and climbing 1732m to the top of the incredible Mount Buffalo.

After descending, the riders will need to prepare for one last climb up Mount Stanley, before cruising back into Beechworth.

Team SkyBus is looking forward to the event, with SkyBus Co-CEO Michael Sewards putting himself to the test among the other participants.

“I am proudly leading the SkyBus team participating in "The Hunger Ride” on March 3, which benefits the amazing organisation Foodbank.

Our team of myself, Rob Mautone, Matt Tilley and Mark Earle are busy (or trying to) getting fit and ready for this challenging ride, which will cover 164km ride through the Victorian Alpine Region, including 2500m of climbed elevation.

Team SkyBus

If like me you cannot accept that 1 in 5 children in Australia go to school hungry, and admire any organisation who has a singular purpose of feeding vulnerable children and their families, then hopefully you can donate to our teams efforts to complete this ride and in doing so support this great cause.  

A donation of just $25 can feed a family for a week, so jump on the below link and help me break the cycle of hunger in Victoria, and make our long day in the saddle every bit more worthwhile.”

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