The Melbourne Cup: From Racecourse to Office to Living Room

The Melbourne Cup: From Racecourse to Office to Living Room

The race that stops the nation! The Melbourne Cup is one of the biggest racing events in the world and is by far the largest racing event in Australia. Each year, we see new ‘would be punters’ line up and give a bet a fair go in the hope to draw a lucky bet and to ‘pick a winner’, while taking part in one of Australia’s long lasting fun traditions.

What lies in this Australian tradition?

The opportunity for fashion, betting, boozing and schmoozing. If there is ever a time in Australia for the ‘glam event of the year’, the Melbourne Cup is the one that takes the cake! Regardless of the location, expect to see people dress up a bit more than usual for the celebration of this event. Down by the trackside, expect to see Australia’s most fashionable women rocking gorgeous racing outfits, hats and shoes to wow both the fashion admirers and the male talent there for the occasion. Across the country, it is a large media event, so people at the main event will get the opportunity for celebrity spotting amongst the crowd.

For anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to take part in the event, there are a few fun ways where you can enjoy the fun at the main racecourse.

Enjoying the Melbourne Cup from the Flemington Racecourse

This would be the best experience by far. Enjoy the live experience of the Melbourne cup from the different seating areas on offer, on the lawn or by the general public areas. The day at the track will be a full day of entertainment, with the lead-up races that punters can get a few bets in, before the main racing event. Expect to see a diverse range of entertainment at the track, women dressed to dazzle, gentlemen ready to punt and people getting festive under the warm Australian sunshine. Watch the crowning glory of the next Melbourne Cup winner live and trackside.

Enjoy the Melbourne Cup from the comfort of your own home

It isn’t uncommon for people to take the day off work to enjoy the event. It is one of the most prestigious events in Australia. The enjoyment of the event shouldn’t be left to those who are at the Flemington racecourse. You can choose to celebrate at home in the company and environment of your choosing. It is common for the event to be screened all day and the theme choice is yours. 

Enjoy the Melbourne Cup from your office

The Melbourne Cup occasion is recognised by employers that usually allow a brief moment for people to enjoy the race that can even lead into an office party. While the office event may not live up to the hype that you would experience trackside, offices around Australia can create a Melbourne Cup themed event for the day. Some ideas include:

  • Encouraging employees to contribute interior designed themes for the event, such as wall hangings and table decorations
  • Encourage the employer to show the event on a large screen or projector that will give employees the sense of being there
  • Encourage employees to dress up to the theme of the Melbourne Cup event at the office. You could consider giving a prize for the best dressed.

These are just a few ways to enjoy the Melbourne Cup. There are different ways for people to enjoy one of Australia’s biggest events. There is an option for everybody. So take part in whatever way tickles your fancy. Giddy up!