The Summit Survivor: More Obstacles, No Boring Bits

The Summit Survivor: More Obstacles, No Boring Bits

The Summit Survivor is an explosive new obstacle race that gives you all the action with none of the boring bits. Held in Gippsland’s Trafalgar East, on November 14 & 15, 2015, The Summit Survivor is the ultimate challenge; tackle 36 obstacles in just 5km, in the bushy terrain of The Summit.

Due to the overwhelming success of the first Summit Survivor in March 2015, the event is back this November, with a difference – every ticket sold for the Summit Survivor will help change the life of a young person in 2016.

Ryan Doughty, Managing Director of The Summit, has established The Impact Project; a charity that will provide youth leadership and personal development camps to 1000 Victorian teenagers, aged between 14 and 18, in 2016.

“Over the past seven years working at The Summit, I’ve realised that many young people don’t have access to high quality leadership programs. I want to ensure that young people don’t miss out on a life-changing opportunity due to their background, finances, status, appearance, or any other factor,” said Ryan. 

Ryan is passionate about building self-worth and happiness in young people, something he discovered after recovering from paralysis in 2003. It was a terrible accident at the gym over a decade ago that left then property manager and builder Ryan with a broken neck and paralyzed body.

Determined to avoid a dangerous operation, Ryan went against the advice of his surgeons and lay completely flat, for three months, with sand bags placed either side of his head to prevent movement, and allowed his neck to heal naturally. After learning to walk again – and after notching up some solid thinking time – Ryan and his wife sold everything they owned and purchased the rundown Summit Camp, ready to create a new life, filled with a renewed purpose: to help others feel truly alive, connected and supported.

The Summit Survivor is held at The Summit Adventure Park, 21 Cemetery Road, Trafalgar East on November 14 and 15, 2015.